When looking for memory care services in California, there are several factors you should consider depending on your family’s circumstances and your loved one’s personal needs. Many older Californians have fond memories of sunny days and trips to the beach. And while most seniors experience some decline in memory, a growing number of aging adults face severe memory loss and confusion due to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

When memories start to fade, it can be sad and frightening. If have a loved one facing this situation, you may be wondering where to even begin looking for the best memory care options. That’s why we’ve created this list to help you get started considering the most important factors and options:

General Considerations

When examining senior care options, you want to consider current and long-term needs. Every aging adult has their own unique circumstances that may determine their aging care plan. If a diagnosis of dementia is a factor, consider the prognosis and recommendations. Families often want to care for their loved one, but this is rarely a long-term solution. It may not be in the best interests of the aging adult.

If your medical care team indicates that more specialized care should be accessed, then you will typically want to look for residential care options. With the large number of aging seniors who do face dementia, Quail Park Memory Care Residences of Visalia was designed specifically for the needs of this population.

At Quail Park, the memory care program offers staff who have the training to work with the special needs of people with dementia. The program was designed around a philosophy to honor the dignity of the individuals in their care and to ensure quality of life. Each resident is treated as an individual. Staff honor each resident’s personal preferences and needs, to promote their well-being.

Personal Considerations

As people age, it can be challenging to transition from the familiar to something new. To ease that transition, it is ideal for aging adults to relocate into a setting that can adapt to their changing needs. Quail Park offers varying levels of care so residents can retain their independence and receive more assistance as needed. Many residents choose to start residing in the independent living setting.

As aging adults transition through assisted living needs and into memory care needs, they can utilize more of the specialized memory care programming. One feature is the Tribute Program, which is designed to honor each resident’s life story. Staff get to know each resident to honor their strengths. Care is provided in close consultation with the resident’s family and other medical care providers.

Considering the more practical aspects of memory care, not only is it important for residents to be comfortable in the setting, families also want to be assured that their loved one will receive excellent medical care. Quail Park is equipped to provide a safe and secure environment, where residents can receive consistent and professional care for all their physical and health needs.

Next Steps

Memory loss is a challenging condition, one that often affects the whole family. As families seek out memory care for their loved one, they may also be seeking services to help the whole family. Quail Park attends to not only the needs of their residents, but also the needs of family members. Support services and respite care are available to help the whole family navigate the challenges of memory care. If Quail Park sounds like a good fit for your family, consider visiting and taking a tour to learn more.